StratTech’s cutting edge decision-analysis tools help enterprise leaders make the best strategic, tactical and implementation decisions.

Models, Software Subscriptions, Consulting, and Support Services

Application Templates

Working models and templates to copy and keep to start your own models.

Graphical Tools

Simulation-based business games for training.

User Friendly

Customized training, workshops and courses.

Cost Effective

2-month license to the easy-to-use Sysdea modeling software.

Work with your own teams or with StratTech to create powerful, visual, and dynamic simulations to stress-test the firm’s unique strategy and implementation plans — ahead of committing significant investments.

For organizations that find it helpful, StratTech provides near real-time model, strategy, and performance updateson your secure servers or on ours.

StratTech marries innovation and technology assessment services and roadmapping solutions with dynamic modeling and simulation (M&S) tools.

  • Integrate key assumptions on the economy, industry, competition, strengths, and areas for improvement to manage more cogently, agilely, and profitably
  • Provide continuous, real-time strategic management of the enterprise or initiative
  • Allow managers to visualize, measure, gauge, and stress test the impact of strategic, implementation, and tactical decisions before making significant investments of capital and resources – in near real-time
  • Mitigate investment and management risk, and dramatically increase the probability of attaining strategic and operational goals
  • Simplify and manage the inherent complexity that is a part of business and management
  • Support agile plans to make rapid changes when internal and external factors differ from assumptions

StratTech uses the Sysdea® platform for solutions in project portfolio management, technology roadmapping and enterprise architecture.

Sysdea models capture ubiquitous real­ world mechanisms that are neglected by traditional business planning and management tools, such as accumulation processes, interdependencies, feedback, thresholds and intangibles.

Linear planning and spreadsheet-type tools are simply not fit to handle the complexities arising from these mechanisms.

View Models in Sysdea®

We assist clients to:

  • Align with goals – Assure technology and R&D alignment with enterprise-wide strategic, tactical, and operational goals.
  • Design successful strategies for technologies, products, process, and services.
  • Meet customer needs – Ensure that R&D and Technology are meeting the needs of internal and external customers.
  • Be competitive – Maintain a competitive and robust innovation pipeline of products and services.
  • Balance risk and opportunity – Determine the right balance between business and technology risk and opportunity.
  • Stress test strategies before CapEx and other resources are committed.

Our Value Proposition

We are deeply committed to, and effectively assist, the enterprise, its leaders and managers to make the best strategic, tactical and implementation decisions. Using cutting edge decision-analysis tools, we assist to empower success at the enterprise, market, product-portfolio, R&D, and professional career levels.

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