meeting business goals - climbers survey landscape from above -

A critical leadership function, which often goes unfulfilled in the push for short-term financial and share-price goals, is unmet; the leadership shortcoming is the failure to set and drive the organization strategic vision.

When in business school, our marketing professor drove home an important point to our class. He emphasized the point in the context of marketing leadership. The professor stressed that to attain significant marketing goals requires “unwavering vision and passion, and discipline and focus….” I have consistently been impressed when I’ve witnessed these characteristics applied to numerous goals in business and life.

Hitting bottom line goals also takes well-crafted strategic and implementation plans backed by the right resources and capabilities, and “unwavering vision and passion, discipline and focus.”  Certainly, a bit of good luck and timing always helps.

The StratTech team works with clients’ to develop, align, and test strategic implementation, and operations plans, before investing CapEx and other resources. Using prescriptive tools such as System Dynamics modeling and simulation, StratTech can help organizations reduce CapEx, project, portfolio and professional risk. By developing with the client real time model and simulation updates, the company can rapidly and proactively adjust its strategy and operations to hit bottom-line goals – including agile and bimodal goals.