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Cash Flow/Reliability

Cash-flow and reliability in power distribution

The challenge …

  • RWE, a major power supplier, had grown cash-flows strongly
  • … but saw system failures increasing
  • … and cash-flow turning down
  • Likely continued rising failures and serious sustained losses

The outcome …

  • A substantial model of aging assets (many types/regions)
  • … impacted by maintenance + reconditioning + replacement
  • Optimised what to do, when, at what cost
  • … recovered reliability – sustainably and minimised cash-flow decline


Competitive threat in pharmaceuticals

The challenge …

  • GSK had the only vaccine for a tropical disease
  • A major rival won approval for a competing product
  • Their larger sales force and lower price threatened to take all customers in 10 weeks
  • Feared loss of 80% of sales = 30% of Division’s cash flow!

The outcome …

  • Agile model built in 2 hours
  • … focus on just-right dynamic pricing
  • .. then added attacks on rival’s credibility and sales force morale
  • RESULT: <20% loss of sales + cash-flow

New Venture

Testing, financing, and managing a new venture

The challenge …

  • A new advisory service for consumers wanting home-improvement projects
    … finds, approves and supervises good contractors
  • Will it work? Can it make money? How to raise finance?
    … but many interdependencies to get right

The outcome …

  1. The founder/CEO modelled the business before launch
    … how the system should work – its realism and sensitivities
  2. Post-launch, continually updated real-world outcomes on all elements of the business
    … shared with investors to raise £3m (+ more later)
  3. Model now used weekly to inform all operating decisions and update projections

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